The Founder

The Founder

“Our Vision is to offer a sustainable framework leading to the success of professional women, by enhancing their wellbeing and lifestyle through rigorous monitoring and effectively addressing the challenges women face in their professional and personal life.
The principles of integrity and transparency form the cornerstone of the existence and operation of Femina.
Join us to this life changing journey…”


FeminaPlus was conceived based on the concept of developing a Learning Center and Social Club for Women, which will be supported by a team of experts in their respective fields.

The idea behind it has arisen many years back, when Nina was living as an expat, with her husband and her little daughter in mid 90s, in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia.  At that time Nina was teaching “Health and Beauty classes and Personal Ettiquet”, for 5 years at the Educational Institute for Women “Al Manahil”, owned by a member of Saudi Royal Family. The Institute was providing many different educational services to both local and foreign ladies and Nina’s classes where amongst the most popular.

Nina’s first engagement with the project started 2 years before she relocate to USA, with a market research about women’s lifestyle and activities. Upon her return to Cyprus, permanently on summer 2015, she stated working to develop FeminaPlus Business Plan. The first official presentation of FeminaPlus at TEPAK university took place on 15.11.2017 with great success and since then Nina has been working in formulating her life dream project, the launching of FeminaPlus.

Nina has finally made her dream come true with the support of a professional team and partnerships with some of the leading organizations in Cyprus and abroad.