Business Etiquette for Personal Branding
Personal branding and proper etiquette is how you carry yourself , what you offer ,how you dress, accessorize and create a consistent image how your personal and professional outlook is presented and perceived by others. FeminaPlus team will be raising such awareness through various seminars and be a supporter of all ladies to present their precious image in the right way!

A discount of -30% will be offered to FeminaPlusMembers

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Visual Communication Agency
We are a team of creative people who believe that we can improve the business world by providing innovative solutions for us and our customers. We approach concepts and projects, respecting and aiming to bring forward the uniqueness of each individually. Our aim is to always provide results that make both us, as well as our clients, proud and happy.
Understanding clients’ needs and the market’s distinctive parameters is our first and foremost concern, as this is a vital part to be able to perform to standards and convey the right message to the right audience.

Services Offered to Femina Members with -15% Discount:
Corporate Identity Design
Graphic & Advertising Design
Packaging Design
Web Design
Social Media Management

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ManSystems Business Consultants Ltd is one of the Leading Consultancy Firms in Cyprus Our mission is to serve as a centre of excellence and offer comprehensive solutions in the fields of Corporate and Strategic Development, Business Planning, Sales and Marketing, Export, Risk Management, Management Systems, Sustainability, Health & Safety, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Resource Development and Project Management.

Services Offered to Femina Members

  • Mansystems will provide Business counsellors for one-on-one consultation in the areas of business planning & organisation, sales & marketing, human resources, and other relevant topics in order to provide assistance to women entrepreneurs start their businesses. Three hours of counselling will be offered free of charge to all members of Femina during regular business hours. The counselling / coaching will be offered upon appointment in Nicosia and Limassol.
  • A discount of 20% will be offered to all consulting services offered by Mansystems (see ManSystems website for services offered)


DanPro Advisors Ltd is a Cyprus Limited company specialised in the provision of Management Consulting & Accounting Services . Its team and its associated  partners consists of experienced individuals coming from Industry and Professional sectors from Cyprus and International areas.

DanPro Advisors can offer exclusively  to Femina members you the below type of Services :

  • Free Initial consultation Services in analysing your business needs in terms of Accounting and Tax requirements.
  • Offered at a very attractive discount rate and based on a pre agreed confirmation Consultation Services in applying  and implementing Accounting solutions and further  fulfilling statutory requirements for a business entity and for an individual entering into a business practice.
  • Offered at a very attractive discount rate and based on a pre agreed confirmation Consultation Services in applying corrective measures in your business leading to a highest profitability and safeguarding of business Assets.
  • Offered at a very attractive discount rate and based on a pre agreed confirmation implementation of business solutions and systematic  follow up.

DanPro Advisors Ltd can offer at a preferential  discount of 30% of the below fees plus VAT  and services to exclusive Femina members :

  •  Incorporation of a Cyprus Company Euros 1650 ( including all Incorporation  documents apostilled)
  • Assistance and operational advice of opening Bank account in a local bank for Corporate Entities euros 300 .
  • Assistance and operational advice of opening Bank account in a local bank for physical persons  euros 250 .
  • Audit (engagement of external auditors) and act as a lieson with external auditors and Femina Corporate Entities  members.

Fees will be structured and offered on a case by case base

  • Provision of Accounting and Book keeping Services  ( charged at a rate of euros 60 per hour )
  • Provision of Company Substance and offices ( Basic Rates start from 100 euros per month ) .
  • Provision of Secretarial Services ( fees will be based on Confirmation with Femina members)
  • Provision of Tax Administration & Consulting ( Cased by Case based on Confirmation ) rates start from 120 euros per hour .

All the above services can be offered and in addition there will be offered  two  hours initial free of charge Consultation to Femina members .