Being busy VS being happy!

Lead: Do you have the time to live in the moment or are you too busy worrying about the next moment?

You have a goal, you want something in particular, and suddenly the thing you want has nothing to do with what you are doing at that particular moment. That has happened to me many times,

How to… order Mr Right!  

Lead: It’s extremely important to have a fairly good idea of the kind of person we want our perfect match to be—otherwise, this person will never come!

You enter your favorite coffee shop. The barista asks you what you would like, and you answer “coffee.” The barista looks puzzled because coffee isn’t really a sufficient answer.

Dare to Dream

Does this sound like you? You have big dreams, but you constantly put them off. Whether it’s because you’re too busy and there’s never enough time, or you feel stuck in a rut, you may feel a constant yearning to follow your dreams — but never take the first step.