Being busy VS being happy!

Lead: Do you have the time to live in the moment or are you too busy worrying about the next moment?

You have a goal, you want something in particular, and suddenly the thing you want has nothing to do with what you are doing at that particular moment. That has happened to me many times, and it’s a subject that often concerns my coachees.

Let’s look at the phrase “I am busy.” What does it mean? For my generation, it was “cool” to be extremely busy, to be in over your head. The idea that being busy and stressed is glamorous is ingrained in us. It’s “cool” to have an infinite number of things to do. If someone isn’t in over their head or stressed out, others start to believe that there’s something wrong with them. If they ask

you “How are you doing? Are you okay?” and you respond, “Yes, everything is perfect!” they’re going to look at you strangely. People who don’t know me personally give me an odd look when I reply like that.

Let me share a story with you. I was driving to work one morning, and the woman in the car next to mine was holding a coffee and a cigarette in one hand while she was talking on the phone. I remember looking at her and thinking: Wow, she must be an important person to be so busy. It was an image. That image was “cool” then.

Let’s agree that the normal thing for a person is to feel good, to feel like his or her life is beautiful, and to feel calm without stress. To live in the moment and CREATE YOUR LIFE. That is the natural order of things. The abnormal thing is feeling constant pressure. The abnormal thing is not living in the moment. We don’t live in the moment because we are too busy thinking about the future.

We are thinking about what’s going to happen next, we are thinking about where we are going to go, we are thinking about the next month, and next year. In general, we think about what we are going to do in future moments, instead of what we are experiencing in the current moment.

Having entered a different stage in my life, I understand that being “in over my head” only means that I have overfilled my life, and I don’t have time to think about my life. What is it that keeps us from living in the moment?

Personally, when that happens, I am thinking of something that needs to happen later. I’m going to quote one of my favorite teachers, Brendon

Burchard, and call it presence. Presence is when I’m living in the moment. It’s very important to live in the moment, and to set our priorities.

In life coaching we focus on our goal, and we make it clear. We can’t do everything simultaneously, so it’s essential to know what is important to us during particular moments.

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