Next Generation Governance Millennial Women

?Millennials! One of the most educated generations, called Y/Z, in the history of the world, those born 1981-1997! Millennials are in the middle of generational hands-off! They are overtaking baby boomers and it’s could be game-changer for the markets service industries.

? Thank you to our Guest Speakers:

-Mr Simon Osborn – Former FCIS Chief Executive ,
-Mr Marios Skandalis –
Director of the Banks of Cyprus ,Compliance Devision ,CEO of CIF-Cyprus Integruty Forum, PP of SELK-ICPAC, VP of ACFE
-Dr Simona Mihai Yiannaki-Deputy Dean of the School of Business Administration and Professor of Finance at European University Cyprus , Director of EUC-PEAK Innovation Center .

? And our four panelist:
Alexia Solomou -Barrister – Speaker , Anna Cortesi – Clinical dietitian
Anna Daniel – chapter Accountancy, Nefeli Tsiouti- Choreographer,Dance Scientist and Massage therapist .

Thank you to all our guests for coming!








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