The superiority of a romantic relationship

Lead: What makes the sexual relationship more special than all the rest? The answer’s not as complicated as you might think; it’s actually quite simple.

We have all definitely tasted—to varying degrees of intensity—the eroticism, magic, and endless passion that a sexual relationship has to offer. It feels like a journey to the deepest waters of the ocean. Each of us has a different beginning and a different end, but the journey always involves deep feelings and leads us through the key elements of a relationship: attraction, commitment, surrender, union, co-existence, separation, and reconstruction (in some cases).

I’m sure we’d agree by a long shot that the romantic relationship is by far the most intense and defining of all human relationships— including those with our family members, friends, colleagues, or the social environment in general.

The romantic relationship is the only relationship for which we need the triple union of our body, mind, and soul. The energy attracted by the erotic process and its sacredness, which is communicated to us every time we “commune,” is an everyday gift. It is

our passport for finding true love. This is the kind of love we’ve been “programmed” to give and receive.

How can we take advantage of the gift of love through a sexual relationship? Is it enough just to be sexually attracted to our partner? Most definitely not. There’s another important aspect of the sexual relationship that defines and separates it from other human relationships. The sexual relationship has rules we must recognize and follow. It necessitates:

  • Respect, admiration, acceptance of each other, understanding, and an intention to nurture and develop each other’s good qualities.
  • Inspiration and action instead of routine.
  • Honesty and commitment to each other’s uniqueness.

Love always has a reason to shine, and waits patiently for us to “discover” this reason and bring it to life.

Practice is the best action. Therefore, I suggest you do the following:

Using many different colors, paint what happiness in a relationship means to you. Paint what sex means to you, and what this higher-level relationship implies. Yes, that’s right, don’t write anything; just do a painting. When you’re done, put it away, somewhere safe, with all the rest of the “trophies” that reflect your development.

It’s impossible for love not to find its way toward happiness, simply because happiness is its ultimate purpose.

Nikolas Ouranos
Life & Relationship Coach, awarded author of the no1 bestselling books Create Love and How to Create your Life

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