Eating Awareness Techniques

Eating awareness techniques, allow for your digestion to be healthy and extract the maximum nourishment for what you are taking in your system.

    • Whenever you eat or drink (apart from water) little or much, make sure that you sit down.
    • Don’t eat when you are standing, walking, watching TV speaking on the phone etc.
    • Eat in an enjoyable manner to get the maximum of the experience.
    • Eat when the stomach is empty, otherwise you interfere with the enjoyment of food (place your hand over the stomach or abdomen and feel whether it is empty or not) Learn to trust the messages of your body.
    • Do not put food into your mouth till the previous bite has gone into the stomach.
    • You shouldn’t speak when food is in the mouth. Put the fork or spoon out of your hand after you have taken food in your mouth and wait till it has gone into the stomach. Only then pick up the fork or spoon again.
    • For your first helping take about 2 cupped hands full of food. This will fill up 2/3 of your stomach, 1/3 is for digestion. If you are still hungry, wait for 5 minutes. If the feeling of hunger has not subsided, take some more food.\Eat in a settled atmosphere where you feel comfortable. Avoid crowds, noises and don’t eat with people who create stress to you. (How can you tune into your body if you are trying to defend yourself from outside assaults).
    • Never eat when you are upset. Messages from inner turmoil block the deeper quieter messages of balance. Eating on emotional pressure leads to the habit of using food as tranquilliser.
    • Sit down to eat and use good plates and silverware. These little tactics help you  honour the tact of eating, acknowledging that food is a gift and a matter of importance to your body.
    • Try to eat food cooked by people who work out of love for what they are doing. Food cooked with haste and impatience or out of sense of obligation, lacks a certain subtle satisfaction whereas food cooked with love transmits that feeling to the dinner.
    • Sit quietly for a few minutes after your meal. This allows your body to shift to the next stage in the cycle of digestion. Making a clear transition from eating, to processing food.
    • Don’t talk while you are chewing your food. Eat at moderate pace.
      Elena Georgiadou

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