Why We Should Release Old Agreements

Women are bound by so many rules, don’t you think? From magazines to TV shows, there is endless talk about what colors to wear and what women can and can’t do. Then, there’s etiquette and unspoken social norms of politeness. As we go through life, we steadily accumulate these beliefs, internalizing them. Gradually, those same societal rules become limitations we impose on ourselves.

We are afraid of being too loud, too angry, or too authentic. We become shadows of ourselves instead.

We are bound by don’ts, have to’s, and shoulds. Societal pressures gradually crystalize, turning into self-limiting beliefs. Often, we don’t give a second or third thought to these beliefs. They become second-nature.

We are afraid to express our thoughts. Full of doubt and fear of rejection, we often keep our thoughts or beliefs to ourselves. We allow others to speak on our behalves.

We are afraid to love because we might get hurt. Having internalized rejection, it’s difficult to allow ourselves to love freely and openly. Our emotional responses are couched in fear of feeling pain.

But when you think about it, young kids are free from limiting beliefs and rules. It’s strange that they’re happy to mix polka dots with plaid, wear their princess dress in public, or hold tea parties for their stuffed animals.

Why do we change as we grow up? Well, life can be cruel. Even if nothing outrageously horrible happened, societal pressures, social interactions, and hidden rules have slowly made themselves part of your identity, transforming you from that free, uninhibited child to someone afraid to speak their own mind.

You may have grown up with a limiting belief system. Whether these beliefs came from your religion, or from the secular world, you may have been taught to believe that you aren’t strong, capable, and willing.

Our culture, parents, and school system may have punished us for being ourselves and expressing ourselves freely. Or, we may have sacrificed valuable parts of ourselves to fit in with the crowd. Now, we stop ourselves from being and feeling free.

The good news is — we no longer have to be bound by those agreements. Every day, we have the power to choose how we will respond, act, and perceive different parts of life. When we become consciously aware of the internalized beliefs that diminish our self-worth, we can choose to fight against them.

In order to transform into the strong, capable women we can become, we need to scrap, burn, and let go of any limiting beliefs. When you work on shedding your old inhibitions and releasing your old agreements, you will be greeted by a strong, endless reservoir of self-worth and inner strength.

The journey can be difficult, but it is worth it to reclaim your own life.

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Penelope Magoulianiti

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