Awakening Your Personal Goddess

Within every woman lives a goddess. The goddess is a woman’s core essence of self, and embodies her inner flame, resilience, power, and beauty. But the world that many women inhabit has made many of their goddesses go silent.

When we fear to express ourselves — either because we fear vulnerability or rejection — a little piece of our goddess goes into hiding, and waits for her chance to re-emerge.

Every woman is worthy, powerful, and beautiful. It’s in your true immutable essence, an essence that may have gotten buried or chained up by your beliefs.

When we are afraid of judgment or commit to hiding our flaws, we make it hard to express ourselves. We worry about what others think.

Still, no matter how buried she is, the goddess still lives inside us. Here are a few ways you can re-awaken her, and let her transcend the self-limiting beliefs that you may have grown to accept.

  • Stop pretending you are someone else. Covering up who you are is a fast way to silence your inner goddess, as she grows confused by other desires overruling her own.
  • Dare to be you. Try expressing yourself as you want to be, without fear or expectation. Don’t allow your personality to get overtaken by others. Learning to be yourself again is the most freeing thing a woman can do.
  • Embrace your virtues. How do you want to live your life? What matters the most to you personally? When you embrace your inner virtues, you can harness their power.
  • Understand that you matter. Your internal worth comes from the inside, and cannot be determined by anyone else.
  • Own your story. Integrate the past with the present to become strong enough to confront the future. You have enough inner power to defeat any tribulations.
  • Be authentic. Be true to your feelings and passions. Tell people what you really think, and discover a world of internal strength that flows from your authenticity.

No matter how out of touch you feel with your inner goddess, rest assured that she is sleeping, not dead — and with time, effort, and instruction, she can be awakened.


Penelope Magoulianiti

Lifestyle Mumpreneur.Author.Speaker


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